Modest Summer Dresses Of Yesteryear

Modest Summer Dresses Of Yesteryear

When it comes to dresses, younger generations of today don’t go crazy over vintage finds for nothing. It goes without saying- things were simply far more gorgeous back in the day. The common thread between all the styles from the ’30’s, 40’s, and 50’s that made them stand out was the fact that they were timeless, fashionable, feminine, and most important of all- modest.

Many of these styles can easily be recreated, through clever pairing, accessorizing, and draping. Then there are others that, well, will take a bit more effort in terms of embroideries and such. Once all is said and done, the efforts will be worth it, and will make the wearer a true stunner with class!

Here’s a look at some lovely summer dresses from yesteryear. In some cases, you’ll want to grab the dresses right out of the photos, while with others you will wonder how ladies managed to maintain their grace while under all those layers in the summer heat. Try not to get too lost in the beautiful prints, details, and workmanship!

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Top 9 Must Have Accessories For Your Modest Outfits

Top 9 Must Have Accessories For Your Modest Outfits

Accessories are awesome! You can’t deny the fact that accessories make everyone look and feel younger, because they allow you to achieve the look you’re going after. When rocked with confidence, they can turn any modest casual outfit into a chic fashionable ensemble, or even help you make older outfits appear more up-to-date. One of the best things about accessories is the fact you don’t have to spend big money on them to look fabulous.

When it comes to choosing accessories, most of us tend to think about it after purchasing outfits. There’s nothing wrong with that if you already have a massive collection of things to choose from. The best way to approach accessorizing is to keep three important points in mind.

  • Choose your accessories based on common elements with the outfit itself, such as color, texture, or style. Also, try to have accessories match with each other. For example, if you’re wearing silver earrings, opt for the bag with the silver buckle, and the shows with the silver embellishment. Don’t forget to also add some contrast into the mix, because sometimes outfits just don’t look right when they’re too “matchy-matchy.”
  • Choose accessory sizes that work well with your body size. For example, if you have a small frame, smaller and simpler accessories might suit you best. If you have a large frame, that may not necessarily mean you should use larger accessories- but try giving medium sized accessories a go.
  • Use accessories to attract or detract attention to different points. This one can get a little tricky, because you may not want to wear pieces that are too flashy on or near your chest and such. The goal is to stay modest, with a modern twist.

Here are our top nine accessory must have recommendations, which you can use as inspiration. Let us know if there are any you might like to add in the comments below.

Modest Shoes/Boots


Eyeglasses and Sunglasses


Scarves, Shawls, Ties



Hosiery and Socks

Hair Ornaments

Summer Layering Clothing – Tips for Staying Cool

Summer Layering Clothing – Tips for Staying Cool

A while ago I wrote about how I love wearing my clothing layered to stay warm and stylish in the winter. But now, as I’m slowly changing over my closet from winter to summer clothing, I’m beginning to remember that much of my summer clothing has short sleeves or a low-cut top, styles that are designed to balance well with the summer heat, but that leave me feeling rather exposed. In summers past I used to pair a trusty black (or white) cardigan with nearly every shirt…but I’ve realized over time that I’m covering up my colorful wardrobe and that none of my summer clothing is getting the attention it deserves.

Before and After Sleevies

Before and After Sleevies

Fortunately, I’ve found multiple solutions that I think will enhance my summer wardrobe in ways that I never thought possible. The layering clothes that I’m most excited about are Sleevies®. At first glance, Sleevies remind me of legwarmers for my arms, but without the bulkiness or bunchy style of those ’80s staples. Instead, Sleevies are made from cotton and Lycra, so they cover your arm without sliding down or making you too hot. With Sleevies, I’ve been able to resurrect several short-sleeved shirts from my wardrobe, and I’ve even purchased a few more because I know that I can wear them without covering them up or overheating with a full long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Another great item I’ve found which enables me to wear my clothing layered in the summer is a cropped ¾ sleeve layering tee, which as its name suggests, makes it look like I’m wearing a full shirt underneath an outfit, when really, I’m only wearing the top of a shirt. There are 3 major benefits of this type of layering clothing. Firstly, I can cover my arms and my chest modestly and stylishly without having to add a full extra shirt on a hot summer day. Secondly, (and I hope you don’t mind me being a bit personal), is that wearing a cropped shirt often allows me to get two uses out of my top shirt before needing to wash it. Finally, wearing a cropped shirt prevents the bulk that often results when I wear 2 full shirts, so that I can look stylish without looking like I’ve gained 5 pounds.

I know that these fantastic finds will make it possible for me to enjoy the look of layered clothing all summer and to purchase clothing that I would otherwise never consider because of its lack of modesty. I truly love being able to shop in ‘regular’ stores while knowing that I can gently adjust my clothing to become more modest, without compromising on style. In fact, if you ask me, wearing my clothing layered just gives me even more of an opportunity to express myself!

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