Okay, I admit it. I am in love. I have never found a single article of clothing to be so useful, versatile and multipurpose as my stretch leggings.

I am not a fan of tights, and I’m really not a fan of stockings, and neither are my girls. Leggings provide all four of us with the perfect alternative – thin and flexible, warm and comfortable, yet easy to put on and hard to tear! But, there is so much more I love about my leggings…


Take today for example. I dressed for work in a cozy sweater, a knee-length black skirt and my stretch leggings tucked into a pair of leather boots. Just the right mix of style and class for the office. When I arrived home, I slipped off my boots in exchange for a fuzzy pair of slippers and managed to spend some quality time playing with the kids. The leggings not only protected me from the cold of the tile floor, they kept me confident that my nimble maneuvers wouldn’t compromise my modesty. Once the dishes were cleared and the kids in bed, I started to think about exercising, and of course, I realized that my stretch leggings would give me enough movement for my exercise (I then decided I’d rather write this blog post instead). My oldest daughter, however, wears her leggings to exercise regularly during gym class instead changing into sweatpants.

While I get the most use out of my basic black leggings, when it comes to my girls, leggings with funky colors and patterns are always preferred. They love patterned leggings because they look adorable and give them the freedom to move and play. I love them because they are durable, easy and warm. Of course, I’d be thrilled if they wouldn’t wear spotted leggings with floral dresses…but I guess that’s a lesson for another day.

Whether hidden under a long skirt or exposed for a trendy, layered look, leggings are an absolute winter must have in my book.

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