My oldest daughter just started first grade, and let me tell you- I’ve completely forgotten the rules and regulations that accompany attendance at elementary school. In addition to purchasing a very specific type of notebook, a backpack with a certain number of pockets, a precise number of pencils, markers and crayons, I also had to fill her closet with a sufficient number of school skirts that cover her knee but still give her enough mobility to play actively- and to look adorable at all times.

I guess I should mention that we have 3 daughters, so I was hoping to find quality school skirts that would service my girls for the next few years. After failing at the most obvious chain stores, I began to ask around about specialty stores might carry the treasure I was hunting. One of my friends suggested Kosher Casual…and, I’d like to say that the rest is history.

Velour School Skirt

Velour School Skirt

I loved the black velour school skirt so much that I actually bought one for my second daughter as well. And at $10, a probably should have bought one for daughter #3! The girls love wearing them to school and for special events because the fabric can be dressed up or dressed down. (I just love them because they’re easy to wash and don’t pill or tear even after dozens of uses).

Another favorite of the girls was the knee-length tiered denim skirt, which makes a great girls school skirt because it keeps their legs warm during the winter and is loose and cool in the summer. My daughter loves the tiered denim skirt for another reason as well- it enables her to wear pants under her skirt on gym days without having to change for gym during the day.

Although the girls schools skirts that I purchased from Kosher Casual are only a few months old, I’m thrilled that they are still looking fantastic- and that the girls still love wearing them. I know that next year when I need to buy skirts in the next size I’ll know exactly where to go. Which, of course, will give me more time for finding the exact writing implements that my children’s teachers request!


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