The school year is about the end, and summer is just around the corner. Hooray! No more rushing to prepare school lunches and waking up at the break of dawn for carpool! Now it is my time to relax. No wait, I almost forgot that it is time for summer camp! Usually during this time, I panic about the preparations for my kids‘ summer camp. My eldest kids usually go to sleep away camp for nearly 2 months, so I have many things to organize and buy. I have to be especially prudent and plan ahead of time, so I don’t wind up in the same unfortunate situation as last year. Last year, I left buying all the summer camp clothing at the last minute, which resulted in not finding everything and my kids throwing fits. This year, I’m very proud of myself. I put together a list with the help of my kids, listing all the things we need to buy for camp.

At the top of my summer camp clothing essentials were casual and sports skirts. Camp is all about casual and comfort is the key. Knee length casual cotton skirts are great for summer camp as they are very cool and comfortable. Playing sports can be tricky while wearing modest clothing, but there are athletic skirts that are comfortable, flexible, and modest.

I originally forgot to include sports skirts on my list. Luckily, my daughter reminded me to about getting a couple sports skirts, since laundry is not done that often in camp. The mesh sports skirt is fun as it looks just like mesh basketball shorts. The French terry Lycra one has some stretch and is great for running, walking, and sport. Modest running skirts are also on the list, but hard to find, so start looking early. I bought a running skirt with built — in leggings which is super comfortable. Now my daughters can enjoy rock climbing and playing sports without any fear of being exposed!

Enjoy an active summer!


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