Staying Fit, Comfortably and Modestly

Staying Fit, Comfortably and Modestly

So much of exercising is in the gear, when you have comfortable clothing to wear it is easier to get motivated to get out and go for a jog or hit the gym. With the summer upon us, getting outside for a run can be even more daunting with the heat and the beaming sun. Finding workout clothing that is both comfortable and modest, now THAT is daunting.

Considering leggings are a necessity for modesty when running or doing crunches at the gym, often times women that choose to dress modestly find themselves wearing layers. Some layers work, but some can drag you down. Then of course, the fabric, just like swimming, the fabric can be crucial in providing comfort or even UV protection when running outside.

Finding the perfect outfit that will encourage you to exercise as opposed to keep you from getting out is a good step to help you meet your fitness goals.  Afterall, the modest woman needs just as much to stay in shape as any other women. Dressing modest does not mean frumpy!

How do you stay modest when you exercise? Share your tips and tricks below.

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