There’s no question that winter is upon us. And what I’m really trying to say is that it’s COLD. There are certain things that I love about cold weather, like snuggling under a down blanket, sipping a hot chocolate and sledding down a steep hill. But what I dislike most about the winter is being cold. And I am cold a lot. What’s a fashion-conscious girl to do when she only wants to wear big, fleecy sweaters, but doesn’t want to look like a winterized swamp thing? Wear layering tops!

It almost sounds implausible, but wearing several layering tops is a great way to stay cozy and chic. By their very nature, layering shirts are relatively thin shirts designed to be worn in tandem, most often as long-sleeved or ¾ length sleeved shirts under short-sleeved shirts or tank-tops under long-sleeved shirts. Not only do they keep women covered up in all the right places, but they are eternally stylish and popular among people of most ages. Layering tops are thin enough to be fashionable (without being overly-tight), and, when worn together, create fantastic warmth throughout the winter.

As it happens, I enjoy layering tops not only because they are cozy, but because they can create an endless array of looks. I mix pink layering shirts under gray sweaters, grey layering shirts under black sweaters and black tank tops under just about everything. I also own several white layering tops which I use to add a splash of light to a dark outfit or to protect my skin against a scratchy winter sweater.

I love layering tops so much that I ended up buying a bunch for my children, who also use them under jumpers, sweaters or T shirts. I can even purchase sleeveless dresses for my daughters as I know that they can wear layering shirts underneath to be both modest and warm. Although my children are warm-blooded (like their father) instead of constantly cold (like me), they enjoy the ability to wear layering tops instead of sweaters, which they (rightfully) note are less bulky and much prettier than huge sweaters.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that women no longer need to hide under giant fleece sweaters in order to stay warm- why not try some layering tops to look great and feel warm?

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