Here in Israel spring is short and summer is hot! Kosher Casual is located in Beit Shemesh, where it is really hot…no, really, really, really hot. Therefore, we start to feel the summer modest challenge early and we seek to provide solutions that will last the entire summer.

While some commercial fashion was showing more modest necklines and hemlines, in the summer those influences start to fade. Most stores won’t carry options for modest dressers. The pressure to find the right clothing is on.

In addition to Kosher Casual offering you real modest choices, we’re here to also offer you encouragement and hope for getting through the summer without sacrificing your values or fashion sensibilities!

1. Plan – Start looking for modest clothing options now so that you have a few tops or dresses to choose from. Once the summer rolls in, the stores will have less and less long sleeved shirts and full length dresses. Treat yourself to a dress you love in more than one color.

2. Invest – Find a water bottle that keeps your water colder and for longer periods. Pay a little more for this feature if you know it will help keep you cool.

3. Support – Grab a friend and kvetch a little! There’s no shame in acknowledging the struggle. Choose a friend that you know understands how uncomfortable the hot weather makes you and be a support to each other.

4. Get Involved – Places like Instagram have loads of people sharing how they stay modest by taking pictures of their cute, modest and summer friendly outfits. You can get involved in the online modest fashion community and see that you aren’t alone in sticking to what you believe!

Hopefully, these tips will help get you through the summer! We encourage you to seek out ways to be adorable while staying modesty. And because you’re not alone, share in the comments below how you manage to stay
modest and cool!

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