Does being modest mean you have to feel like the black sheep at the beach? The beach is notoriously known as a THE place to get down to your skivvies. In fact, when it is hot and you are dying to jump into the ocean or a lake, the last thing you want to worry about is how to stay modest!

And yet, many women do have the desire to remain modest at the beach. Beyond the need to stay covered, wearing cotton into the water, at the beach or pool just does not work. Once your shirt is wet and you sit down in the sand, that is it, you are doomed to feel like you are carrying around a sandbox. At the pool getting in and out with soaked clothing is like pulling a whale out with you! Having the ability to wear something comfortable, light, modest and fast drying is crucial for the modest and fashion forward woman that still wants to cool off.

Finding a modest bathing suit in nylon, spandex or lycra is ideal. This way you can enjoy swimming without clingy material, laying in the sand and brushing it off and most important, fast drying! Investing in a modest swimsuit can make the difference between a boxed in, air-conditioned summer and a sunny, adventurous one!

What have you been wearing to the beach to stay modest, yet fashionable?


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